Where is the studio?

Our home studio is at 225 Ashcroft Lane in Oswego, IL 60543. 

What are your hours?

We operate by appointment only. Please call us at 630 421-0246.

What do I need to schedule an appointment?

Pardon our dust. We are in the process of updating our website. For Fairies please click the BOOKING button on our website to schedule an appointment. All other sessions give us a call. We will need your session fee to enter you into our system. We cannot reserve sessions without a paid session fee.

Can I reschedule?

You can reschdule your portrait session however, you must reschedule within 5 working days of booking your appointment in order for your session fee to follow you. We understand that things come up, just please keep in mind that the shorter the notice, the more difficult it might be to find the time that is convenient for you. Exceptions can be made for extreme situations...We understand that life happends and sometimes things are out of our control. When Mother Nature steps in I will reschedule the appoinment.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the event you need to cancel your appointment, we require a 10 working day notice in order for you to receive a refund. With a 10 day notice, your entire session fee, with the exception of a $25 processing fee will be refunded. In order to receive a refund, simply call us at (630) 421-0246.

As for orders, due to the custom nature of our portrait work, please understand that once you place an order I will not be able to sell it to someone else if you change your mind. Therefore it cannot be changed or altered under any circumstances.

What is the investment?

Session fees begin at $50 and range depending on the type of session you are interested in. We love to work with our clients and help them order what suits them best. As far as the cost of the artwork, what you spend depends on the type of portrait work we create for you. Sales averages range greatly, however, most clients tend to spend somewhere between $450 and $1500. Some spend less and many spend more... what you order and spend is, of course, completely up to you.

When can I see my portraits after our session? We will have you return to the studio for a sales session about a week later. We will be here to guide you and give you ideas on how to display your portraits. We will help you every step of the way, to ensure you are making great choices and offer our professional opion. We will help you compile your order and finalize everthing with you so that you can get exactly what you want.

Can I get digital files? 

Mettler Portraits offers compementary web sized files for social media sharing with every image you purchase. Mettler Portaits however, does hold all rights to the images created so please let us know if you need copies of anything. We want to ensure all artwork is created on beautiful material and displayed for you to enjoy for years to come. We do not recommend dyi printing but a print release with files may be purchased for an additional fee after a print order has been made. 

Do you have a referral program?

Our greatest compliment is to see you again, next is your referral! Yes! We always thank our clients for sending their friends to us with a gift certificate. So if you refer someone, make sure they mention your name. As our thank you we will credit you $75 towards your next session for each new client you send to us.